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Welcome to Life light Ministries. We request you then to click on about us baton and learn more about what we are, what we do and where we are located. We pray that may the Lord speak to your hear in that you become part of what we are doing on behalf of God in the  suffering world. We belive that together we can fulfil the great comission comissonede to us by our Lord Jesus Christ Matt 28:19-20.

Together with you we can become aliving example to the suffering communities in the world. Thank you for visiting our website and we request you to tell others to do the same as you plan to visit us again.

You can send us an e-mail at







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18/05/2010 17:53
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Website launched

18/05/2010 17:52
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Life Light Missions

P.O. Box 18030 Kayunga Uganda

Tel: 0756-378-093